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Tel Aviv-Jaffa Tours

 Old Jaffa 

Nicknamed “The Bride of the Sea”, Jaffa is one of the oldest and most enchanting port cities in the world.  Having witnessed Phoenician ships bringing Cedars of Lebanon to help construct King Solomon’s temple to the Biblical story of Jonah who sailed towards the whale from this very port; it is rich with history. It’s city also hosted numerous well known historical figures, including St. Peter, Napoleon Bonaparte, Theodore Herzl and more. Being a true Mediterranean gem, a virtual symbol of modernity in the Levant; this colorful tour will unfold the layers of Jaffa’s history-- from its ancient port to its modern clock-tower plaza.

 The Birth of a City: Tel-Aviv  

In a spirited and enriching tour, we will meander through the famous Rothschild Boulevard and Herzl Street whose stories encapsulate the birth of Tel Aviv. This area, originally founded as a small suburb of Jaffa was peacefully surrounded by sand-dunes and within a few decades has become Israel’s main metropolis. We will learn about the stages of urban development that made the city what it is today, as well as discuss how the differing architectural styles encapsulate the heart of the city. Incorporated into the tour is a visit to The Independence Hall, a moving landmark that is the home to the proclamation of the State of Israel.

 Neve Tzedek 

This picturesque neighborhood with tiny alleyways and cobblestone promenades has become a destination for both local and foreign tourists looking to enjoy a casual weekend stroll. Neve Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City of Jaffa and pre-dated Tel Aviv by around twenty years. As we walk the streets, I will explain how a vision by early leaders who needed to address a housing shortage in Jaffa’s early Jewish community was eventually taken over by modern day entrepreneurs who gentrified the area in a center for art and culture. This area, has so much heart and you will hear about the early residents of the neighborhood who were key figures in the early stages of the Zionist strived

 Tastes of Jaffa

The story of Jaffa is one of a multicultural society and this tour will take you through its many tastes and aromas. The local cuisines have been heavily influenced by local Arab food as well as Jews from different Diasporas who eventually made Jaffa their home. The Hummus of Abu Hassan, the Balkan pastries of Leon the Bulgarian, Turkish snacks, Shakshuka from Libya, the local Abulafia bakery and black coffee at “Moroccan Nights” are just a few of the delicacies we will taste. These bites will give us an understanding of Jaffa’s history as we reveal the story of it’s most famous food - the Jaffa Orange.


The American Colony

One of the first western attempts to settle in the Ottoman East is a lesser known chapter in the story of Jaffa’s history. I will take you on a tour through the American Colony where I explain how this short-lived colony developed as well as how it metamorphosed into the German Colony. We will begin on the beach where the American mission first set up camp and then continue on through the renovated train

station and culminate the tour at the site of the colony itself

 Tastes of the Levinsky Market

Serving as the microcosmos for the multitude of Jewish Diasporas gathered in Southern Tel Aviv, the Levinsky street market is a culinary heaven that is the melting pot of modern day Israel. Known especially for its spice shops and small delicatessens, it features a variety of traditional cuisines and staple foods from Greece, Turkey, Persia and Poland. This is the perfect place for a light meal, snack or glass of cold draft beer as it holds many food corners, restaurants and watering holes. On this tour we will have a taste of what this bustling and colorful market is all about, with its unique range of cuisines

from piquant East-European Herring to spicy Persian soups.

Tastes of Ha-carmel Market 

While touring the most famous of Tel Aviv markets you will find out why Shuk HaCarmel deserves this title. With Kerem Hateimanim on one side and Nachalat Binyamin on the other, the market offers flavors from its colorful and vibrant surroundings together with beautiful architecture and history which we will learn about too. We will walk through the main market and its alleyways tasting hummus & baked goods, sipping beer and trying malabi (a kind of a Middle Eastern pudding based on cream and cornflour with nuts and rose water on top).

 Graffiti Tour

In recent years, South Tel Aviv has become a playground for graffiti artists as they cover every inch in art. We will walk the outskirts of Neve Tzedek to gain an understanding of fringe culture, the street culture as we continue on to bustling Florentine. Alongside its revival to a flourishing neighborhood, it hosts countless street art works, and even galleries featuring graffiti artists. The tour leaves from the 'Tachana' as it reveals international concepts from the world of graffiti while we understand how that plays out by visiting local examples.

Co-existance in Jaffa 
In this unique tour we will see Jaffa from a different angle; one where we will discuss the complex relationships between the different cultures that inhibit it. We will cover the rich history of the city unfiltered as we determine the importance it holds for each religion and nationality that crowd its streets. We will also talk about collaborations and how, if at all, coexistence can endure. We will meet a fascinating peace activist, deeply religious Muslim, who will share his personal story, about the beautiful traits of Islam as he shares his viewpoint. Finally, we will visit a colorful mosque together and learn about the customs associated with it.


The Tel Aviv Promenade

In a tour that begins and ends in the hotel area along the Tel Aviv promenade, we taste a little bit of everything the city has to offer; some beach, some history, some culture, a bit of architecture and real estate. From Atarim Square we will go down to Gordon Beach, where we will walk along the promenade and hear the fascinating story about Ivy Natan's peace ship and the illegal immigration ships that reached the shores of Tel Aviv. We will make our way away from the coast and into the city as we learn and understand the architectural styles that influence the appearance of the city. We will pass by artists' homes and weave our way through quiet streets towards the Ben Gurion House, where we will explore the private home of the first prime minister.

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