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 Virtual Tours 

For those who can’t make it, for those thinking about it and unsure, for those who are scared of flying or jet-lag or for those who purely enjoy experiencing the world from the comfort of their home; let me bring Israel to you. On our virtual tour we will visit the key sites of Israel, view landscape videos, get close to holy sites and fly over the skies of the country. The tour will include an opening explanation, touching on what Israeli society is like with it’s melting pot of cultures, it’s geography and history, it’s high-tech and innovation, it’s agriculture as well as where it stands geo-politically on the map of the Middle East.

The tour will change and adapt to your needs regarding content and duration, it can be anywhere from a half hour up to a series of lectures and tours of around 10 hours.

The tours will be over zoom.

Those who will come to Israel and tour with me, will be offered a virtual welcome tour before they get on their flight at no extra cost.

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