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Jerusalem Tours

 The Jewish Quarter - A Classic Tour 

Entering through the famous Jaffa gate to tour Jerusalem’s Old City is probably one of the most popular as well as exciting tours in all of Israel. As we set foot through the Gate, we will walk through the market to a rooftop which will give us an overview onto the heart of the city. The tour will then proceed through the rebuilt Roman Cardo to the Jewish Quarter. We will make our wake to the “Hurva” Synagogue as well as the ruined “Tiferet Israel” Synagogue, ending the tour at the Western Wall.
Optional additions to this tour include: The Western Wall Tunnels or the Davidson Archeological Park at

the foot of Temple Mount.

 Christianity in the Old City 

Jerusalem’s Old City is certainly one of the most popular and exciting tours in all of Israel. Starting with a breathtaking view of the Old City from the Mt of Olives we will learn more about the “Triumphant Week”, the period of Jesus Christ’s arrival to Jerusalem until his final crucifixion. From there, we will proceed on foot to the Church at the Garden of Gethsemane, where Christ spent his final moments as a free man. We will then make our way to the Old City through the“Lions Gate,” also known as the Gate of St. Stephan as we advance along to the Via Dolorosa. This famous path was one Christ walked through from the place of his trial to the site of crucifixion in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

A Taste of the Muslim Quarter

A celebration of flavors awaits you in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City. Taste the Kebabs at Shahin, tahini at the traditional factory, hummus at Abu Ziad and knafa at Jafar. Grab a cup of coffee, black, the way they drink it and maybe take a moment to enjoy a smoke of hookah as we explore Muslim markets during a culinary journey that you will most likely not do on your own.



This colorful neighborhood built at the end of the 19th century consists of tiny streets and alleyways that intertwine to create a tight knit community. The origins of this neighborhood are those who sought out better living conditions than the squalor they were living in the Old City. Between the open courtyards, water cisterns and vibrant facades; I help you experience this atmospheric Jerusalem neighborhood. The authenticity will become palpable as I retell the story of its origins, history and the key figures that have helped shape this enchanting place.

 The German Colony 

The small streets of this colony, lined with beautiful stone houses built in German rural style give this neighborhood - The German Colony, a beautiful feel. Perhaps the most successful Europeans to settle the Holy Land during the 19th century were the German Templers, having established seven thriving colonies they used their Jerusalem colony as the hub for the entire community. During this tour you will

learn how they prospered, as well as the reason for their eventual decline and downfall.

Guided tour of the Israel Museum
Packed with things to do and exhibits to see, you could spend three whole days exploring the Israel Museum. On a customized tour, you can visit the Shrine of the Book and hear about it's hidden scrolls, we can decipher together the model of the Second Temple period and explore the museum's archeology department, one of the best and most important in the world. Once you've finished exploring history and archaeology we can move on to the art exhibitions and the Judaica wing where there is a never-ending rotation of fascinating exhibits that we can explore based on your interests.



Machne Yehuda Market

The most famous market in the country, Mahane Yehuda, there is an abundance of street food bursting with flavors to taste in addition to your weekly fruits and vegetables shop. Artisanal cheeses at Basher, medicinal juices from the Etrog, the famous Ramla bourkas, Georgian pastries straight off the taboon and the Jerusalimite ash-tanor. If you’re still hungry after all that, sit down at either Azura or Rachmu for a hearty scrumptious home cooked middle eastern feast.


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