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 Nature Hikes

 The Great Outdoors 


For such a small country, Israel’s topography and natural scenery is one of extreme diversety.  Just a short drive will take you from the lush green highlands of the Galilee; down to the hot sand dunes of the Coastal Plain which culminate with the dry desert ravines in the Negev.

Israel undeniably has much to offer if you’re interested in the outdoors, nature and hiking trips.  It is incredible to think that such a small country by most standards, has thousands of miles of marked walking trails crisscrossing its varied landscape. These marked trails are designed for all levels; starting from a leisurely walk for the entire family all the way up to lengthy treks for experienced hikers that span days. 

With my extensive knowledge of the country, I will help you select the most suitable trails to best fit your needs. I will help guide you and your group to the right treks as I introduce you to the most beautiful sites this country has to offer. Through engaging narratives relating to the intriguing geo-historical backdrop of each site visited, we will be sure to keep your audience captivated. Depending on your interests, we will emphasise local fauna and scenery, history, biblical archeology or traditions. These tours can be combined to include a wide array of attractions such as; rowing or kayaking in the Jordan River, cliff gliding, enjoying traditional Bedouin hospitality or visiting an interesting local museum along the way. The themes of these trips may vary according to the site and the season.

The North 

Tours of Northern Israel include the regions of the Galilee and the Golan Heights. This lush area of the country offers towering mountain tops and deep valleys; luscious greenery, magnificent fauna and flora and gliding streams.

“Yehudia” Nature Reserve 

On this tour you will visit one of the notorious streams of the North - the Zawitan, Yehudia or Meshushim stream. There, you will enjoy magnificent waterfalls, wade in cool and refreshing pools, witness volcanic landscapes and visit abandoned Syrian villages of the Golan Heights. Young and old are sure to enjoy the gushing waterfalls in the Basalt gorges created by the streams of the Golan.

“Arbel” Nature Reserve

The Arbel cliff hangs over the Sea of Galilee and can be seen from almost any vantage point in the Lower Galilee. This adventurous tour includes fascinating history that includes rebel hideouts during Roman rule, retreats for Christian Monks, a bastion carved out of the side of a mountain and ancient Synagogues where we will recount the history of Jewish life in the Galilee after the destruction of the Second Temple. The most exciting view is from the top of the cliff itself, which can be reached after some moderate rock climbing and some cave exploring. All along the way your senses will be in overload as you enjoy the colors and scents of flowers that sprout all along the sides of the trail. 

“Ramat Hanadiv” Park on Mt. Carmel

“Ramat Handiv” park, the resting place and sanctuary of Baron Benjamin Edmund Rothschild, is located on the southern slope of Mt. Carmel. Baron Rothschild, nicknamed ‘The Known Benefactor’, was one of the earliest supporters and benefactors of the Zionist endeavor, dedicated to colonizing Israel. The park includes three magnificent nature trails in addition to the Baron’s tomb which is decorated beside beautiful botanical gardens. Choosing the blue trail will find you at a Roman aqueduct and bath, the red trail will lead you past an ancient farm that includes an incredible view of the Carmel shore line, while the green trail will take you to the edge of a cliff to view the unique sight of nesting vultures. Depending on the needs of your group, you can choose to do one or include all three trails on your tour.

The Israel National Trail

A 1000 km trail of beautiful lanscapes fascinating sites and exciting acquaintances starts at the foothills of Mount Hermon, at the Northern edge of the country, and ends in Eilat, at the bottom Southern edge of Israel. This treck can be taken step by step, divided to a few day adventurous hike or hiked as a one day taste of the trail. This is definitely a unique and an unforgatable way to travel in Israel. 

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