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      Haifa Tours

A Tour of the German Colony

The German colony in Haifa, at the foot of the Carmel, is the first place where the members of the temple sect, the Templers, settled when they arrived in Israel in the mid 19th century; and what a colony they had established, a beauty in the heart of the Middle East. Enchanting stone houses built on one side of the boulevard; a vibrant European village was built in the heart of an Ottoman land, as far as Europe as one could imagine. As we explore Ben Gurion boulevard we will gain an understanding of the Templers and view successful conservation project, as we enjoy this bustling place of entertainment for Arabs, Jews and tourists, who mix together in the Haifa both in the past and present.


A trip from Stella Maris to Bat Galim
Stella Maris is at the peak of the Carmel Mountain range, providing majestic views of the Haifa Bay. This monastery serves as a centre of Carmelite spirituality with a rich history that has taken place throughout the years. A scenic path descends from high above to the bottom of the mountain, with beautiful views of the sea for as wide as the eyes can see. Pass through Eliyahu's Cave and continue to Bat Galim Promenade or the Immigration and Navy Museum.


Baha'is and Other Religions
Starting with an overlook of the Haifa Bay, we will get to know the Baha'i religion through a tour of the Baha'i Gardens. We will continue through the lower city as we get to know the different Christian sects that populate Haifa and enter some of their impressive churches. We will end by ascending the Carmel again as we're hosted in a mosque in the Kabavir neighborhood and gain an understanding about the moderation and spirituality of the Muslim Ahmadi sect.


A Taste Through Wadi Nisnas
Wadi Nisnas is a culinary amusement park. Awaken your senses as you go from station to station tasting and savoring dishes such as falafel, chickpeas, knafa and coffee.

This small market is a hidden gem amongst the valley and we will travel through and hear about it's neighborhood as we explain and understand the open museum displayed amongst the alleys.

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